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“Newbie and his motley crew remind me of shows from US TV history, like “Lost in Space” and “Gilligan’s Island” - but with a unique twist!” “I was so impressed, and thought how great it is to see there’s fun, adventure-comedy cartoons being made in Latin America that can easily appeal to our audiences”

Jill Snider, Senior Programming Manager for Starz







Branscome International was established in 2000 in New York City, as a media rights distribution company.  The company focus is licensing completed animation programs  (films, series, shorts) made by producers from all over the world.  Other services include representation of independent producers who are seeking coproduction deals for their feature films and/or  television series.

A sampling of buyers and producers that the company has done business with over the past 17 years include:



  Animation World Network
  Broadway Television Network
  Cartoon Networks

    (Europe, Asia, Latin America)
  CharacterPlan (South Korea)
  Comedy Central

  Disney Channels

   (UK, Spain, Italy, Latin America,

    Australia/New Zealand)
  Golden Films, Inc.

  GoodTimes Entertainment


  Holiday Hill Enterprises
  Jetix Consumer Products
  New Beginnings Enterprises
  Nickelodeon (U.S.)
  Plympton Studios
  The Sundance Channel
  Shout! Factory
  Sony Wonder
  Time Life International


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