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SERIES - Preschool

S.I.M.O.N.   (In Development)

TARGET: 4 to 6

GENRE: Eco Adventure Series


A leopard, monkey, and a whale are devoted to helping out when their fellow creatures and ecosystems are in distress. Along the way, the team uncovers bizarre, strange, and amazing fun facts about the natural world.





Based on a famous Russian entertainment brand which started as a weekly radio show in the 1960's. In the 80's it became an illustrated book and television series for kids and their families.

An original series from one of Russia's leading animation companies: Studio M.I.R.

A daily advent calendar series for TV + digital platforms. Take a peek into Santa's secret world, and see what he and his elves are up to as they prepare for Santa's around the world delivery on Christmas Eve!

Magic Moments starring Santa

TARGET: pre-school & family

GENRE:  daily live action shorts for December
COMPLETED: 24 x 1.5' 
PLUS daily interactive activities for web, tablet, and phone

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