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Special- Kids & Family

Special - Teens & Adults

the Square Pumpkin

45 minutes

In a world where “The only good pumpkins are round pumpkins,” Spookley the square pumpkin is shunned by the other pumpkins because of his odd shape. But this Halloween, let’s find out if he’ll have a chance to be the “Pick of the Patch”


8 Songs or Less

Getting Over Him in

After a painful breakup, some people Eat, Pray and Love.  Debra Solomon started doing stand up, writing songs and animating. Her half-hour TV special for HBO began as a series or independent shorts. It was Debra's original intention to create a record album (12 animated songs about the breakup of her marriage). Amy Schatz produced along with Lisa Heller.  They brought the shorts to Sheila Nevins at HBO where they were creatively woven together into a personal animated journal and eventual VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL:  "Getting Over Him in 8 Songs or Less"

English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian,

Original Language: English

23 minutes

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