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Animation Movie (73 min)



HAMMERBOY is based on the best-selling Korean comic book series. 


The story is about a boy called Mangchi. He is small, but he possesses a magical hammer that helps him get around all his problems. He therefore got the nickname of "Hammerboy". When Princess Poplar from the kingdom of Jemius is being pursued by henchmen of the conspirator Moonk, Hammerboy sides with her, ready to unleash all his latent powers in order to save humankind.   Non-violent TV and French, Spanish and English versions available.



A songwriter is given 47 minutes to write a hit or lose his job and his sweetheart in Bill Plympton's critically acclaimed full-length feature film "THE TUNE". Written by Plympton and P. C. Vey (author of If Cats Could Talk), along with songwriter Maureen McElheron (who also scored "Your Face").

Hair High


Hair High is a high school gothic myth kind of film. Similar to Carrie [directed by Brian De Palma]. For the first time in animation and internet history, the public was able to watch, from beginning to end, the creation of his new work through a camera looking over his shoulder. Featuring voices of David & Keith Carradine, Sarah Silverman, Justin Long, Dermot Mulroney and music by Maureen McElheron & Hank Bones.


Mutant Aliens is the story of an American astronaut stranded in space who returns to Earth with his alien army for revenge. Music by Maureen McElheron & Hank Bones.



  Animation World Network
  Broadway Television Network
  Cartoon Networks

    (Europe, Asia, Latin America)
  CharacterPlan (South Korea)
  Comedy Central

  Disney Channels

   (UK, Spain, Italy, Latin America,

    Australia/New Zealand)
  Golden Films, Inc.

  GoodTimes Entertainment


  Holiday Hill Enterprises
  Jetix Consumer Products
  New Beginnings Enterprises
  Nickelodeon (U.S.)
  Plympton Studios
  The Sundance Channel
  Shout! Factory
  Sony Wonder
  Time Life International


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