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Enchanted Tales

The Jungle King

A reluctant lion king has his paws full trying to save his jungle kingdom in this marvelously animated, song-filled classic for the entire family! A rollicking, warmhearted adventure sparkling with music, laughter and a jungle full of unforgettable characters!


Peter Rabbit

Hop into a delightful, new version of Beatrix Potter’s classic children’s story in the marvelously animated, song-and-laughter filled New Adventures of Peter Rabbit!


Snow White

Enter the spellbinding realm of a pretty young princess, a scheming queen and seven funny little fellows with very big hearts in this brilliantly animated retelling of the timeless fairy take classic “Snow White”.


The Christmas Elves

Presenting a whimsical holiday surprise package bursting with comical elfin escapades, Yuletide musical fun and brilliantly animated fairy magic!


The Night Before Christmas

A Kind hearted, young orphan boy and his loyal cat discover the true spirit of Christmas in this delightfully animated Yuletide tale of musical, magical holiday cheer!



Venture back through the mists of time to the glorious lost age of the fabled King Arthur, the sorcerer Merlin and the valiant Knights of the Round Table, as you enter into the magical and timeless realm of Camelot!


Tarzan of the Apes

Swing into action with the greatest jungle adventure of all as spectacular animation and dazzling original songs bring Edgar Rice Burroughs’ timeless fantasy to life. Sure to captivate the entire family. It’s a classic new addiction to the popular Enchanted Tales video library!


Tom Thumb Meets Thumbelina

The Great Meadow is the home of a beautiful little fairy, named Thumbelina. Tom Thumb is a devoted servant to King Richard. Tom finds out of a plan from the King’s son, Medwin, who wants to build a gigantic castle in the Great Meadow. Tom Thumb and Thumbelina prove that size doesn’t matter and work together to save the Great Meadow.



A breathtaking story of royal intrigue, romance and thrills! Young Russian Princess Anastasia is the cherished daughter of the mighty Czar Nicholas. Anastasia’s perfect world changes forever when the evil monk Rasputin topples the Czar from power. Anastasia falls in love with the dashing young soldier, Alexander, who helps the young princess flee for her life.


A Tale of Ejypt

Heroic characters, memorable songs and thrilling deeds weave an unforgettable story of faith and courage amid the splendors of ancient Egypt in this brilliantly animated Enchanted Tale!



Certain to capture the hearts and imaginations of your entire family, the classic adventure of Pocahontas comes alive in this fully animated, song-filled story of breathtaking early American romance, laughter and thrills!


The Legend of Su-Ling

A Far Eastern fairy tale classic springs to life in this richly animated Enchanted Tale of a handsome Prince, the peasant girl he is forbidden to love and the tiny nightingale who holds the key to their happiness!


Gulliver's Travels

Its animated adventure on a gigantic scale as this whimsical new version of Gulliver’s Travels spins a musical, laughter-filled story of some very tiny people who will learn some very big lessons about life, love and….spaghetti!


Princess Castle

Claire and Caitlin are two sisters who find a secret door under the stairs. Inside, Claire and Caitlin find an enchanted trunk, a magical locket and an invitation that whisks them away to a magical kingdom. There they meet Anthony, the son save the Kingdom from the evil Queen Carlotta’s spell.


Noah's Ark

Its comical critters two-by-two and an ark-full of songs, laughter and fun as you climb aboard for a great adventure in this gloriously animated tale!


Treasure Island

Hoist anchor, maties! And set a course for the grandest pirate yarn ever to shiver your timbers in this thrillingly animated, song- and –laughter filled version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s swashbuckling adventure classic!


Prince and the Pauper

Mistaken identities make for uproarious adventure as a poor beggar boy trades places with the royal heir to the throne in this magical, musical new animated version of the timeless classic, The Prince and the Pauper!


Beauty and the Beast

A kind hearted merchant found shelter from a storm in an enchanted palace. He becomes imprisoned for picking a single flower for his youngest daughter Beauty. When his horse returned home alone, Beauty set out to finer her father, but what awaited her was a heart that matched her own. It’s a tale full of hope and the importance of inner beauty.


The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The classic tale of a loveable, outcast hunchback and the gypsy girl he adores is transformed into a musical, warmhearted animated classic in this delightfully updated version of a stirring masterpiece.



Journey back in time to an age of ancient mysteries, superhuman deeds and breathtaking, mythical adventures in this thrillingly animated story of the most powerful hero to walk the earth!

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